Sunday, December 9, 2007

Young Fundamentalists Forums!

Hey all, are you sick of the liberal weirdos over at the Fighting Fundamental Forums? Those guys are good for laughs but when you want a real discussion with like minded Christians it's not the best place to go. Now you have an alternative. Check out the Young Fundamentalists Forums! You'll be able to discuss matters like the preservation of God's Word in the King James Bible without being called a heretic. All you have to do is complete a simple and free registration to become a member. I'm hoping this will become a place where like-minded Christians can have some decent and meaningful discussions/debates/conversations about any issue they want without getting flamed. Start signing up and let's get the ball rolling!

Update: There are still some issues I have to figure out with regards to permissions, so you may not be able to post just yet. I'll let you know...


Dave said...

Amen!!! I join, I am Dave-oldpath. I can not wait to post!! Let me know when I can. This is a great Idea!! We need a KJVO and likemind Christians forums. I has look at lots of forum and they all do not like the KJV, Jack Hyles and stuff like that and they will call you name if you do not believe what they believe. Oh, I has update your blog web site on my blog. Can I put the Young Fundamentalists Forums on my blog under link?


David Scott said...


Thanks for updating the link! You can definitely link to the forum, although I can't guaruntee that the URL won't change. I'm going to be paying for my own hosting very soon and building a much larger site around this blog complete with sermon downloads, ebooks, printed books, music, and an ecommerce section. Stand by for some really cool improvements!

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