Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something A Little Nicer...

Okay, so I admit my last post was a little graphic and repulsive. I took the picture off because I was grossing myself out looking at it, so I can only imagine how you all feel.

Anyway, tonight I'm posting something happier. First of all, my daughter (2 years old) got the opportunity to star in her first Christmas program! It was fantastic! Our church actually saw it's biggest attendance ever at 207, which breaks the previous record of 169 (they all came because of her, of course). We had a lot of fun watching the kids since they had worked so hard, and there were a few people that got saved. God really blessed us, and it was fun to see my daughter on stage. Have a great evening!


Jessica said...

I missed the gross picture.

But the teddy bear is too cute.

How neat to hear that your daughter was in a play. I'm sure the record was ALL because of her. :)

Kristina said...

I too missed the gross picture, should I be thankful?? LOL

I love watching kids in plays...I bet your daughter was just adorable.

Have a good day, and Merry Christmas!!

Jerry Bouey said...

Brother David, there is something wrong with the settings on your message boards. It won't let me post anything. Thanks.

David Scott said...

The message board needs work. I have to figure it out, but it's something to do with the settings. Thanks for trying though!

David Scott said...

Girls, be grateful you missed the gross picture. It probably wasn't something I should've had on my blog (it was the entrails of a disemboweled animal). At the time it seemed appropriate, but I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I wrote that post anyway. :)

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