Saturday, December 1, 2007

New Age Religions

Last night we went street preaching in Sebastopol and it was freezing! I got to bring along a couple of highly motivated, fired up teenage boys from my Sunday School class and we had a great time. As I preached to a group of teenagers who were hanging out around a fountain, a bunch of them started yelling back at me. I realized that I get more hecklers and scorners than anyone else. I'm not sure if I'm louder, I speak more clearly, or I'm just more obnoxious (probably the last one), but it seems like every time I preach at lease a couple of kids have to come over and debate me. This time it was a kid with his hair in dreadlocks telling me that my yelling was offensive and Christ wouldn't have done that. I asked him if Christ whispered when he preached to 5,000 people.

This guy's whole argument was that as long as you are doing what is right in your heart, Jesus is happy with you and you will make it to Heaven. He says Christians live in fear of doing wrong and not making it to Heaven. In my opinion, he has it backwards. If I had to worry about doing what I know to be right in my heart, I would live in fear. What if I did something I knew was wrong in my heart and died without fixing it? Since I'm saved, I don't have to worry about following my heart because Christ already forgave the wickedness of my heart when He died for me 2,000 years ago. Praise God that we don't live in fear! Sadly, many of our young people have been perverted by New Age religious beliefs, and the modern Bible versions they read actually promote these philosophies. I can only hope that there was one in that crowd that had a heart soft enough to allow the seed of the Word of God to take root. We will know in Heaven!

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