Friday, September 28, 2007

Your Input Please!

I was wondering if you all would like me to create video posts of myself on occasion so you can watch me preach at you instead of reading me type at you. Please post with your opinion. Thanks!

9-28-07 Video of the Day - The Fedex Alien

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Incredible Sermon Downloads

I thought I had posted "Shake It Off" by Freddy DeAnda, but apparently I was wrong. Anyway, you can find that and more at the following link. These aren't "yawn-and-snooze" sermons, these are "I'm-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-and-if-this-guy-keeps-going-I'm-going-to-start-street-preaching-right-here" sermons. Be careful, because if you listen to this stuff you just might surrender your life to serving Christ. Fill your mind, heart, and iPod:
Youth Conference 2007 / Downloads / Sermons

A Great Essay on Courtship

I was reading Jessica's Journal today and found a great post. She is a young lady who is courting a her fiance, and she wrote a great essay on how they court, why, and what rules they follow. The music on her site is "iffy", so feel free to turn down the volume. If you really want to find the one God has for you and do it with no heartache, disappointment or failure (meaning sin), this is how you do it. PLEASE READ IT!!!

9-25-07 Video of the Day - This beetle has some horsepower!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can People Get Saved in the Rain?

Do we go soul-winning in the rain? I'm the first one to get bitter when it's raining and I hear that we are still going to go out, so this posting is convicting me too. Maybe we should ask if the Devil still works when it's raining. I think the answer is yes. Can people die and go to hell when it's raining? Umm...yep. So should we still go? I would have to say yes and if I get bitter about it, I should probably examine my heart and motives, not the sanity of the ministry leader. Enjoy the rain everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Car Wash - BAD!

I decided (in my infinite wisdom) that my little "doodle bug" was dirty today after the rain and needed a wash. Since I didn't have time, I thought I would try a car wash nearby that I had taken my company car to many times. Bad idea. The car wash whipped my car with all kinds of destructive instruments and beat it up badly. The dirt certainly came off, along with the paint. Also, my side mirror is now barely hanging on. The wipers were picked clean off the windshield and snarled around before being roughly tossed back to their homes, and water poured through every crack in my door soaking me and my seats. Bummer.

Fightin’ the Devil!

Jordan and I once again had the opportunity to kick the gates of Hell down and poke the devil in the eye last night. Yes, Thursday night soul-winning…and it was GREAT!!! Middle-class neighborhoods have the nicest looking houses with the meanest acting people. This particular neighborhood is one which we've door-knocked more than a few times and the residents were prepared for our arrival. One guy opened the door with the greeting, "New Hope Baptist Church, right? You guys have been here like 10 times, and I already have a church I go to!" 'SLAM'

When we go out, Jordan and I challenge each other to make sure everyone we talk to gets the opportunity to hear the Gospel. We use a point system to keep ourselves on track. If we are at a door and actually get to share the whole Plan of Salvation with someone, we get one point. If we are at a door and offer to share the gospel with them and they are bitter (slam the door, too busy to talk to us, etc), we don't get a point but we don't lose a point. If however, we invite the person to church, they take our tract and are open to talk and we don't give them the gospel (or at least try), we lose a point. I started doing this with myself in order to eliminate those times when fear gets the best of me and I don't try and win someone to Christ that is open to listening. I am totally opposed to incentives which focus on the number of people saved, because I don't have control over that, God does. When people have contests to see how many they can lead to the Lord it becomes fleshly and many times detrimental (people rush through the Romans Road and get the person to pray a prayer to "not go to hell" but there is rarely any repentance or genuine faith in Christ). I think my point system keeps things focused and fun.

It's amazing how much a teenager can challenge me. A case in point is the frequent "no soliciting" signs. Everyone has differing philosophies on how to handle these and I've typically just left a tract so as not to anger the resident. Last night when we encountered one and it was my turn to talk, Jordan jumped forward, knocked on the door REALLY LOUD, then quickly jumped behind me! I was terrified and absolutely sure that this would be my last door before I meet the Savior. The guy opened the door with his hand in his pocket (probably holding a gun) and looking like he had been smoking some illegal substance. He was bald and looked mean, his eyes narrow and sinister like a gangster, and his arms big enough to snap my neck. Clearly annoyed, he asked us with slurred speech what we wanted. I can't tell you the thoughts that were going through my head at that point about Jordan because I would have to repent. Fortunately he turned out to be friendly and took our tract. I'm not a martyr…yet. Oh, and at the end of the day the score was Jordan 0, me -1. Oops.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Taking a Stand Against EVERYTHING!!!

Sometimes it gets disgusting to see the levels of sin to which this world is falling. I heard recently that the California Supreme Court will be making a decision whether or not to recognize and allow sodomite marriages. I really hope they vote this down as it will be a sad day when two men or two women get the same rights and privileges as a married couple. I almost feel dirty talking about it.

When I hear stuff like this it makes me want to go street preaching or something. I wish more Christians would be outspoken in the community and with their political leaders and let them know that this is NOT acceptable, even if it is California.

9-19-07 Video of the Day - The revenge of Granny

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Office 2007 is AWESOME!!!

This is really cool!!! I just found out that Word 2007 integrates with Blogger and other Blog services and has an option for me to register my blog! I can write posts in Word and publish them without ever navigating to my Blog and signing in (hence the cheesy looking dudes to my left). I'm going to have fun with this...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Most Awesome Game Ever!!!

Man, what a shame!!! I found a fun game where you shoot stick figures with a bow and arrow, but when played it on a different computer (one with speakers) I realized the music wasn't appropriate. Sorry...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Helicopter Game

Some Awesome Scripts and Codes For Your Blog

Copter Game At Free Blog Games

The Sower and the Seeds

Luke 8:4 And when much people were gathered together, and were come to him out of every city, he spake by a parable:[5] A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.[6] And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.[7] And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.[8] And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.[9] And his disciples asked him, saying, What might this parable be?[10] And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.[11] Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.[12] Those by the way side are they that hear; then cometh the devil, and taketh away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved.[13] They on the rock are they, which, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no root, which for a while believe, and in time of temptation fall away.[14] And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to perfection.[15] But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.

Pastor Maricle recently used this passage in a sermon and made some comments which I would like to expound upon. Many are the critics who claim that our methods of soul-winning (door-to-door, passing out tracts at parades, street preaching, etc) are fruitless and a waste of time. They will say that souls should be won to the Lord through relationships and lifestyle evangelism; that the modern Christian's method must be to live his every day life in such a way that people see something they want to have in their lives, and this allows him to witness to co-workers and friends. They claim this will result in a much higher rate of converts that "stick". The common argument thrown at confrontational style evangelists (us) is, "If all these people are getting saved, why aren't they in church?" I believe the answer is in the above parable. Jesus didn't tell a story about an arborist who dug a hole and planted an acorn, tended to it, watered it, and finally saw it sprout into a mighty oak. He told of a sower who scattered thousands of seeds and made sure the seed fell on every patch of ground. We see that some of the seed (the Word of God) landed on shallow soil and actually sprouted. Since new life began, we can say that the person depicted here was saved, but we see a tragic thing take place when the new sprout is scorched by the hot sun and whithers. This is not a picture of someone losing their salvation, rather it depicts the temptations of life rendering a shallow Christian spiritually ineffective. We also see some of the new sprouts get choked by thorns, or the cares and riches and pleasures of this life. Again, this Christian is saved but does nothing for Christ. His life is fruitless. Only a small amount of seed lands on good soil, takes root, and grows, but these yield much fruit.

The next time you use the excuse that confrontational soul-winning (and by that I mean approaching people you've never met to give them the gospel) isn't a good method because you don't see the fruit right away, remember the last part of the passage where Jesus said, "But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience." Patience is the key here. And keep in mind that those that choked or were scorched are still going to be so grateful to you in heaven for taking the time to share the gospel with them, because they narrowly escaped an eternal lake of fire.

9-8-07 Video of the Day - The Three Stooges at Warp Speed

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