Friday, December 21, 2007

The New Amazon Kindle

This is amazing! It's an electronic device that weighs less than a paperback book, but lets you carry over 200 books, newspapers, and blogs wherever you go. Also, you can download new books and newspapers using the wireless technology, and you don't have to be in range of a wi-fi signal. No subscriptions or contracts either! It would be really cool to have your bible, commentaries, and any other books you are currently reading in this device. You could simply pull them up at a moments notice. Click the link to view a video on this device. These are going to be huge!


Sis. Julie said...

Sounds like an interesting device. I tell you what....modern day technology never ceases to blow my mind with what we can do these days. I noticed the other day while shopping that the ipod is now in a very small size. And it holds I don't even know how many songs and such on it. I'd be afraid to lose it. But it blew my mind how small it was.

David Scott said...

I know. You could probably put a year's worth of sermons on there and listen to them wherever you go. How neat would that be?

The Kindle is a neat concept, and the thing I like about it is the screen isn't backlit, so it's more like looking at a page instead of a monitor. very cool.

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