Sunday, December 9, 2007


Wow, I'm already depressed and those are just the "A's"! See more here.


e-Mom said...

Funny!!! Maybe a wee dose of reality isn't so bad? :~D

Thanks for your visit. Have a blessed day.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

David Scott said...


Thanks for the comment! I've always loved these posters and have at times thought about putting them in my office just for fun! I'm afraid they may depress me though, so I've never actually bought them. Whoever came up with these is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the rest. why didnt you put BITTERNESS.

David Scott said...

I will. I didn't know it was there!

Anonymous said...

Great Posters! Would be good to read these every day. MOM

David Scott said...

Maybe for laughs, but definitely not for inspiration! LOL

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