Friday, June 29, 2007

NVBC Youth Conference

Yesterday we returned from four days at North Valley Baptist Church's annual Youth Conference. What an INCREDIBLE time! We heard preaching from Jeremy Kobernat, Tony Hutson, and Mark Swanson. There was also special music provided by the Victorious Valley Homes, the Voices of Praise, and Tony Hutson's daughters. I have to say that this conference was a huge inspiration for not only the teenagers that went with us, but for myself and the other workers also. I was greatly encouraged to live for the Lord 24/7 and serve him whenever, wherever, and forever.

Jeremy Kobernat preached a message on how it's time to get serious in serving God, Mark Swanson continually reminded us to stay excited and fired up for Christ, and Tony Hutson challenged us to be filled with the "HOLY Ghost". Numerous teenagers got saved and many surrendered their lives to serving God wherever and however He would have them serve. I was so impressed with how Pastor Trieber and the other staff created an environment that not only was fun and exciting, but allowed the Lord to work in the lives of countless teens. If you have not had the opportunity to take your teens to North Valley Baptist Church and experience youth conference, I encourage you to make next year your first. You will be greatful that you did!


Julie's Jewels said...

Well no wonder Bro. Tony Hutson didn't show up at the campmeeting at Faith Baptist Camp this week. He was at this meeting. I love hearing him preach and missed getting the opportunity to. But Bro. Johnny Pope did an awesome job both nights he preached so we still had a great meeting.

Julie's Jewels said...

Oh yeah...and the Victorious Valley Children's Home was to be at the meeting this week too....guess they went to this meeting too. Oh well....maybe they'll make it to the August campmeeting.

David Scott said...

They were both incredible, thank you for letting us have them :) I've never heard Johnny Pope, but I've been told his preaching style closely resembles how Billy Sunday used to preach so I would LOVE to see it. We actually have a man in our church who is 91 years young that got to attend a tent meeting and watch Billy Sunday preach! How cool is that?!

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