Saturday, June 23, 2007

Marriage and Purity

Last night I got the opportunity to be in the wedding of a close friend. As one of the groom's men, I had an up close view of the goings-on. Weddings are awesome because two people are making a lifetime commitment to each other, but this one was especially neat because these two have kept themselves pure for each other. It really hit me when the preacher said to the groom, "You may kiss your bride for the first time."

What better gift can one give to their future spouse than the gift of purity? I can't think of one. In a world where pre-martial sex is prevalent and blatant, with little regard for morality and consequences, it is almost inconceivable that two people would maintain their purity to the level of saving their first kiss for marriage. This couple accomplished just that, and they are one of the elite few. Endeavor to join this group, because the heartache you will avoid when you are single, and the depth of love you will experience after marriage is unmatched.


Julie's Jewels said...

AMEN!! I would I had been saved and knew about courtship and staying pure for your future mate when I was younger. But we are trying with the help and grace of the Lord to teach this principle to our children. My son is courting a godly young lady at this time. They are praying and intending on being able to both of them wear white on their wedding day. What a honor to be able to give themselves to one another having remained pure for them. Amen!!!

David Scott said...

Good for your son. I recently spoke to our teenagers about this issue and told them that the courtship process closely resembles a Marine Corps indoctrination (I was in the Marines). You must prove yourself through the times of adversity, and even though you must put up with chaparones and endless rules, you must have the courage to push through to the end. The reward is worth the wait!

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