Sunday, June 17, 2007

Am I Really a Young Fundamentalist?

I'm beginning to realize that I may need to change the name of this site. It seems that the term "Young Fundamentalist" is being claimed by those rebellious second generation Independent Fundamental Baptists who are going liberal on the standards and doctrine with which they were raised. Also known as fundamentally reformed, they are trying to redefine what we stand for and believe. I borrowed the name from an inspirational message preached by Dr. Jeff Owens at First Baptist Church of Hammond's Youth Conference one year. That message got me so fired up that I've always been proud to claim the title "young fundamentalist". If these idiots (who have no business even calling themselves fundamentalists at all) are going to drag that title through the mud by compromising on the King James Bible, standards of separation, etc. then we will have to redefine the name and expose them for the compromising liberals that they are. The next time you meet someone that claims the title Independent Fundamental Baptist and you find that they are nothing more than another Revelation 3:16 Christian (neither cold nor hot), tell them to do the rest of us a favor and stop calling themselves Baptists.


Julie's Jewels said...

Amen...amen!!! Right on Brother!!

I found you from a comment you left on a blogger friend of mine that you left for him. I thought I'd come check you out so to speak. I like what I see here. To know that you take such a strong stand on the KJB and separation speaks volumes to me. Keep up the good work here at your site. I'll be back.

David Scott said...

Fantastic!! I'm glad the word is getting out! Always exciting to find others of like faith. Your blog is EXCELLENT and I will definately be linking to it. You have a lot of great content and tools and I'm getting ideas so keep up the good work! Thanks for the comment!

Maranatha said...

This is awesome!!! I saw your comment on Bro. Jerry Bouey's site and wanted to see what you're all about! What I have read through thus far is GREAT! I'm 52 but proud to be a young fundamentalist myself ;-) God bless your internet blogging ministry, Brother!!!

David Scott said...

Thank you! There is a site that is ripping me up and I'm going to put some links here so you all can check it out. Very controversial stuff!

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