Monday, November 5, 2007

Only a few more PayPerPosts

Hello all, thank you for being patient. The more I muse over this blog and what it's purpose in life is, the more clarity I gain on what the content should be. In thinking over it this weekend, I've decided that if it is going to go beyond being a source of entertainment and an outlet for my rants, I need to add valuable resources that will be beneficial to my target audience. When I realized this, I also realized I needed a target audience. While it currently focuses on all things Independent Fundamental Baptist, I believe that may be too broad a subject to cover. There are ample resources out there for Independent Fundamental Baptists already, so I am going to narrow the focus even further to Independent Fundamental Baptist youth ministries. Since this is what I am actively involved in, I want to provide helps for Youth Directors while keeping the site interesting and fun for the youth themselves. I do want to encourage all of you who currently read my blog but do not fall into either of those categories not to despair. You are still welcome, and I value your loyalty!

"Brother David, what about your money-making efforts?" you may ask. I'm glad you did. My other blog, Spare Change will be focused on earning extra money. Be aware however, that in order to get it started on PayPerPost, I have to fulfill 10 posting opportunities on this blog. I will try to make them as painless as possible, but I wanted you all to know it's not permanent.

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