Monday, November 12, 2007

Canoe Racing

This summer we had a teen activity which we called "canoe racing". It was more like "canoe ramming" thanks mostly to my junior-high boys and their death wish. We had some close calls, coming very close to tipping the canoe which were aggravated by their incessant desire to ram every other canoe in sight. At one point they practically ran down an abnormally "wide" fly fisherman, apparently mistaking him for a canoe (he wasn't too happy about that).

We did end up racing however...once. Most of the leaders were so exhausted after the first hour that we took the canoes back early and hiked for the remainder of the activity. They guy on the dock was less than excited about us slamming into each other with is rental boats, but he's probably back in school now and couldn't care less. If you want a good time, cheap thrills, and an activity that will guarantee your church never gets invited back to the lake, try it out. You only live once.

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