Sunday, November 11, 2007


The following was written by Dr. Arthur Maricle, Pastor:

"The fundamental dividing line between Biblical Christianity and the cults is the authority of the Bible. The world's largest, oldest, wealthiest, best organized, and most dangerous cult is Roman Catholicism.

For Romanism to preserve its membership in the face of aggressive evangelism on behalf of fundamentalist Christians (like us), she must convince her followers that her dogmas are rooted in Scripture. She has even been sly enough to convince liberal theologians and backslidden evangelicals that she is "biblically correct", and thereby enhance her attractiveness to those who value peace over truth in the ecumenical movement

How does a Catholic theologian handle the difficulties inherent in convincing a rational adult human being that his religion, which is the antithesis of true Christianity, is Christian? And how does he make his church's pagan beliefs and practices appear to be Biblical (which is like asking how one goes about making an outhouse resemble the White House)?"

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eddie said...

five steps of division divide multiply subtract COMPARE bring down

David Scott said...

Your comment makes no sense grammatically, logically or spiritually. Maybe you should check your meds doses.

spencer said...


David Scott said...

Oh, yeah, division. I think I read WAY more into the first comment than I should have.

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