Monday, November 12, 2007

A Call To Action

Occasionally, I like to post a message on the Fighting Fundamental Forums just to stir up the hornets nest of idiots over there. One of my recent messages was the following:

King James Only Youth Ministry Helps

Hello all, I'm writing a blog called Young Fundamentalists that is specifically for providing links and resources to Youth workers. We are really lacking in solid Independent Fundamental Baptist resources that take a stand on the King James Bible and don't compromise on standards of morality, music, etc. My goal is to compile those into one place for all of you (like myself) that work in youth ministries. I welcome your feedback!

I've had over 20 replies to this in the past two days, and most of them have been reactions to the fact that I mentioned the King James Only position, like this one:

First of all, get off the KJVO rabbit trail. You said you wanted feedback...

I responded:

Guys,Don't get so hung up on the KJV Onlyism. My site is about helping teens get excited about serving the Lord, and helping youth directors do the same for their teens. The fact that I take a stand on the King James Bible and don't compromise by using other perversions shouldn't be a source of contention (especially on this page), but a relief!

The most recent reply to this has been:

This guy (meaning me) is not calling the Word of God a perversion. He is making a play on words about different versions such as the NASB, NIV, NKJV, etc.. being perverted versions of the Word. Let's make the distinction here.The camp among IFBs which erroneously believes the KJV to be the only reliable translation even going so far as to elevate KJV to inspired status, commits numerous logical and scholastic errors. Over the years, I have seen the fruit of this legalistic thinking morph itself into its own doctrine on par with the Apostolic creeds, even the Word of God itself. The doctrine become so all encompassing that it supplants all other teachings and the subject of discipleship becomes making sure everyone understands the supremacy of their doctrine rather than becoming more like Christ. These sects tend to be militant as most any legalistic system tends to be. Following the rules become the important aspect of life. Breaking of the rules calls for harsh condemnation. Grace is a foreign concept to these people.

This is supposed to be a forum for Independent Fundamental Baptists, so it's really sad that these people have been so indoctrinated by modern worldly philosophies, and influenced by the devil's alterations of the Word of God. This is just another reason why you young people out there need to rise up and tow the line. Don't let people like this define Christianity!

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