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My Reply to His Reply to My Reply

Wow, I appreciate your detailed response. Is it possible to create a thread without name-calling? I doubt it (someone will offend), but let’s try...

[1] In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

[89] For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

The Bible indicates that the Word of God existed before it was written in the "original languages". The truth is the Word of God is Jesus in written form (John 1). It existed before the creation of the World. When God gave it to man, He inspired men to write it in a language they could understand. They in effect, translated the Bible into human language to be available for all to read. Because this was a translation, it does not take away its inspiration. In fact, we can see many instances throughout the Bible where God inspired translations. An example is when Joseph served in Pharaoh’s court, he spoke Egyptian but his words were translated into Hebrew when the Old Testament was written. This translation was inspired by God.

Originally Posted by Squirrel
A translation is a translation, and it's only as good as the translation is faithful to the original languages. Seeing as how I study the Bible in the original languages (and not in English), it's a moot point. Are you going to say that my Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek Bible isn't the preserved Word of God? Indeed, it's the only true preserved Word of God, because God didn't move men by the Holy Spirit to write in English -- English, of course, didn't even exist when the Bible was written. So, obviously, it would be impossible to claim that any English translation is a preservation of God's Word when God's Word was never originally written in English.

It is not a moot point since you can't study the originals. They don't exist. This is something that a lot of non-KJVO's ignore, but the original autographs have all been destroyed and all we have are manuscripts, the oldest of which date to 400 years after Christ's death. The manuscripts in question differ greatly, which account for the differences in the modern Bible versions when compared to the KJV. Just because you study the Bible in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic doesn't mean this discussion is moot.

It's true that there are differences in the languages and things change when the Bible is interpreted, but God is bigger than language and translation, and can make sure that whether the Bible is being translated into Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, English, or Spanish, it says what He wants it to say. It is perfect.

If God cared enough to give us the Bible, why do you find it hard to believe He would care enough to preserve the Bible in a perfect form?

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