Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Speak, I Listen!

I was reproved tonight by some of my loyal readers for not updating my blog often enough. Never let it be said that David Scott doesn't listen to his readers.

Tonight Pastor preached an awesome message to both the English and Spanish speaking members (with Bro. Aguilar interpreting) about church unity regardless of race, language, or skin color. He talked about how many churches Spanish ministries are outgrowing the English because the Latinos are so open to the Gospel. Essentially, God is bringing the mission field to us. What an eye opening message. This really reinforced in my mind the need for me to learn Spanish if I am going to be able to reach those in our community. As Americans, it goes against our grain that people would come to our country and not learn our language, but as Christians this shouldn't stop us from doing whatever it takes to see their souls won for Christ. Pray about learning a second language so you can be a more effective soul-winner for Jesus.


The Good Reporters said...

We also have a spanish ministry at our church. The Lord has really been blessing this outreach. I've tried to learn spanish, but I didn't stick with it.

A Note From Theresa said...

We have a Spanish speaking ministry as well. And there is a very nice women in our church who can not speak English. And I think if I can learn Sign Language I can learn Spanish, and be able to talk to her.

Thanks for this post it speaks a lot of truth.

David Scott said...

Sign language is something I've considered taking in college since it would fulfill a requirement and it looks fun.

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