Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Want to stay current on what's new with Young Fundamentalists? You can subscribe to this blog via RSS feeds. Why subscribe to RSS feeds you ask? Click the link to find the benefits. When you are convinced, try it out! If you use internet explorer 7 (the new one), click the button that looks like the picture, then click "subscribe to this feed". This way you can monitor the latest posts of all your favorite blogs (namely this one) without going directly to their websites everyday to see if they've been updated. Personalized home pages allow you to do the same thing. In the screen shot below you will notice that I've added Young Fundamentalists to my content and the latest post names are showing up in the top content box. Not only will you never miss a post, but you will save time in not having to go to each individual page to check for updates. How cool is that?!!!


Jordan said...

Does it cost anything?

David Scott said...

No, it's free and it makes life easier because you don't have to navigate to this site to see if there have been any updates.

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