Sunday, July 8, 2007

Is Abiding With Christ REALLY Your Top Priority?

When you go to bed at night and the things you must do the following day begin to play through your head, many times important meetings, events and appointments are the things that standout the most. We tend to categorize and prioritize without even intending to. Often there are one or two things that we absolutely must do, a few things that we would really like to get done, and many things we will do if we have the time. Where does spending time with the Lord fall in your thought process? Here is where the problem lies: we say that God is our number one priority and if you look at our schedule chronologically, He is. Spending time with God is the first thing on our list time-wise, but not priority-wise. If we don't hear the alarm clock and accidentally sleep in, He is the first item crossed off the list. If you think of something you need to get done right away or an unexpected event happens, God is immediately on the back burner. God doesn't want to just be your EARLIEST priority, He wants to be your TOP priority. He wants you to lay your head on your pillow at night and think, "If I don't eat a single meal tomorrow, I'll spend time with God". We need to make sure that He is the main event and everything else are simply side shows. He needs to be our main course and all the other priorities are simply appetizers. Don't skip a day with the Lord, because He doesn't skip a day wishing you would pay attention to Him.


Julie's Jewels said...

OUCH!!! You have pointed out some very true things. Such as if we over sleep God is the first thing checked off our list of things to do for the day. Shame on us!! You hit the nail right on the head. I don't know too many people who would oversleep and still make sure they take time with Him. Do you? Thank you for this post and for the conviction I got from reading it.

David Scott said...

Believe me, I'm the biggest offender in this area. That's why God has been convicting me on my lack of faithfulness. The Bible says in Matt.6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." That sounds so simple, but it's probably the most difficult thing to master.

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