Monday, July 30, 2007

Large Bodies of Water?

My wife and I are leaving tonight for a business trip, followed by an eight day vacation in Cabo San Lucas. I am very excited as this will be our first vacation without the kids since we got married (a whole three years!!!). Naturally, the question of modesty has been an issue that's been on my mind recently and I want to present it to you. Is it okay to put on a strip tease show when you are in close proximity to a large body of water? On the surface, this question sounds foolish, but when you look closely many of us act as if we think this is true. Why do our standards of modesty change simply because we are going to be getting wet? I understand that the type of clothing you wear must be different because when certain types of clothing get wet, they can cling and become more immodest than a bathing suit, but I don't think that justifies the amount of skin many of us reveal when we are at the beach or pool (some have more skin to reveal than others). I know this is a very unpopular subject, but it is one that each of us must deal with if we are going to decide where we stand on this issue. A lot of "Independent Fundamental Baptists" go through their lives bragging how they take a stand on dressing modestly, but when they are somewhere nobody from their church will see them they decide it's okay to compromise. That type of hypocrisy is exactly the kind of "religion" that their kids are going to want to have nothing to do with when they are teenagers. Children don't rebel against rules and standards, they rebel against hypocrisy and inconsistency. If you aren't going to live it, don't preach it. If you DO decide that you believe a certain way, have the guts to be a little bit different than everyone else on the beach for the sake of Christ. After all, He gave up a little something for you didn't He? I hope each one of us will examine our lives to make sure that how we act on vacation is the same as when we are at church.

Oh, and you won't hear from me for a while as I will be enjoying the Mexican sun...Adios!


Jordan said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! it's about time you put something like that on here and i'll back you up 100%.

Julie's Jewels said...

Amen!!! What a blessing to hear of someone that takes such things into consideration when planning a vacation. We went to Destin, FL a few years back the week after Labor Day. It was a good time of year to go since school was back in session and not too many people were there. The only people we saw were older folk but we still got funny looks when my girls and I were playing in the ocean in our skirts and t-shirts and my son and husband were in their blue jeans and a t-shirt. Its not popular to be modest when doing such things but what a statement it makes when we do. Enjoy your vacation!!

Oh husband and I went on our first vacation without the kids for our 21st anniversary. We already had our son when we got married so we had no time alone from that point on. So in January of this year we went to Gatlinburg, TN alone with no kids and had a great time!! It was a bit strange at first but it didn't take long for us to get over it and start enjoying ourselves.

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