Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I Love Hard Preaching!!!

Every time I open this page and see Billy Sunday standing on the pulpit preaching the fire out of the congregation I get chills. Few churches today have pulpits still aflame with the preaching of God's Word, and fewer still have preachers willing to upset their listeners by preaching against sin like Billy Sunday once did. Notice in the drawing the man in the front row with bitterness twisting his expression. I can smell the stomach acid that must be dripping in his gut from the anxiety he is experiencing during this sermon. I can almost see the devil with his hands cupped over the man's ears, screaming at him so he won’t hear the preaching of the Word of God. Take a look at the lady who has fainted because the preaching got too hot, and the man cradling his head in his hands as if to say, "Oh God be merciful to me, a sinner!" I thank God for preachers such as ours who are willing to stand in the pulpit and "let it fly", disregarding their own personal reputation, the impact their message may have on the church attendance, and the fallout that may be seen in the following week's offerings. Maybe I’m a sadist, or maybe I just can't stand spending time at church and leaving no different than when I came. Too many churches offer a "feel good" experience where you can come for an emotional high and leave without ever being convicted by the Holy Spirit. I can get a much better emotional high by spending that time rock climbing, golfing, etc. I come to church to serve God, and to hear preaching so I can correct things in my life that may not be in line with His Word. Sometimes it just doesn't make an impact when it comes over the pulpit as a "suggestion" or a "recommendation". Greg Locke, a fiery young evangelist of our time said,
"The reason we have so many popsicles in the pews is because we have too many polar bears in the pulpits!" Amen to that! George Whitefield put it this way,
"It is a poor sermon that gives no offense; that neither makes the hearer displeased with himself nor with the preacher." If the preachers of God's Word would get on fire like the preachers of the past, maybe that fire would spread to their congregations and we might have another Great Awakening! Praise God that men like Dr. Jack Schaap, Dr. Jeff Owens, Dr. Bob Gray, Dr. Arthur Maricle, and Brother Chris Jones are setting the example for the rest of Christianity!


Brother Jones said...

WOW Brother, I get excited everytime I check it!

SPENCER said...

common brother. were going to rip it and let it fly bless God . THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN TRING! BUT THERE IS SUCH THING OF GETTING THE JOB DONE

David Scott said...

AMEN!!! Blow a hole in the wall buddy!

R. Starnes said...

If you really like hard preaching, you will like Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ. Also look up my pastor, R.A. Smith, on youtube!

Anonymous said...

if you believe in god, your stupid

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