Friday, May 25, 2007

Hyles Anderson College - Then and Now

There are a lot of differing opinions about Hyles Anderson College, one of the largest Independent Fundamental Baptist Colleges in the U.S. These opinions range from people being diabolically opposed to practically worshipping the college and it's founder (I disagree with both of these extreme positions). Regardless of where you stand, one cannot argue that the foundation of the college started in the right place, and though it is over 35 years old, they are still holding true to the original standards and doctrines. Would to God more colleges took a stand like this one. Listen for yourself...

August 1972

August 2003


Brother Jones said...

This kinda preaching would make california float out to the ocean!

sales said...

I had gone to Hyles-Anderson College back in 1998-99, and heard Dr. Jack Hyles preach. He didn't just preach loud sermons, he preached from his heart. He truly loved this country enough to bring America back to God. I had again attended this college in 2001, after Dr. Hyles had been promoted to the glory of God, and Pastor Jack Schaap had been promoted to this new task, as Pastor of First Baptist Church, Hammond, In. and Chancellor of Hyles-Anderson College. This college stands for Truth, and many outsiders have believed that its members worship the man, when in fact, we cherish the man, though we worship God. Many of the members have been led to Christ by Bro. hyles, and they respect this man, but are far from worshipping him. I thank God for the opportunity that I had to attend such a wonderful school, who values fundamental standards. Not many arounnd anymore, and I thank God to see it still standing for these values.

To comment on the person who had first commented on this page, there are preachers in California, preaching just like these two men. Bruce Goddard of Wildomar, CA., Mark Turner of Moreno Valley, CA. and myself. I learned, as did these other two, from these men.

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