Monday, May 21, 2007

Missionary Knife Throwing

We recently were blessed to have Gilbert Anger, a long time friend of our Pastor, come and spend the week preaching to us. This guy was inspiring! One of the statements he made was that we as Christians should be pushing God to let us go to the mission field instead of begging Him to let us stay in America. He said we should be preparing ourselves in case we do get called to go to a third world country, and listed all sorts of areas we should study. I want to provide some links to places where we can get this knowledge. One such subject I found interesting is knife throwing. If you get attacked by natives, it can't hurt (not you at least) to know how to throw a knife in a guy's leg. Here is a great link to a page on how to throw knives. Here's your homework. Go get yourself a decent knife (doesn't necessarily have to be a "throwing knife", although I don't recommend folding knives because they will me) and start throwing it at a tree. You'll find with some practise you will get a pretty good feel for sticking that thing at different distances. Who knew serving God could be so much fun?!

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spencer said...

I learnd how to throw a knief accept my mom wont let me get a knief

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