Thursday, August 21, 2008

Special Forces?

What if Churches had SWAT teams? You know, like teams that they dispatched for "special situations"? Maybe a church member has kids getting involved in a gang, drugs, and/or crime and some intervention is necessary. Maybe a lady has a husband that is hardened and bitter toward Christians, and he's about to make a mistake that will impact his life forever. Maybe some lost family member is on their death-bed and needs the Gospel. Wouldn't it be cool if Pastor could send out a dispatch and when all the team members' beepers went off, they dropped what they were doing, grabbed their bibles, tracts, and pepper-spray (for dogs) and responded?

So why don't we? Simple. Too few volunteers. Few people are willing to be available at a moment's notice because serving the Lord is too low on most everyone's priority list. Sad, isn't it? It shouldn't be an annoyance when our day is "interrupted" by the Holy Spirit prompting us to witness to a lost soul, or we realize that someone is in need of help. This should be our focus, our purpose, and our direction. We should be Christians first and employees/bosses second. Let's purpose to have a willing attitude and enlist in God's SWAT.

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