Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Major On The Minors

An old saying goes, "Don't major on the minors". In other words, don't focus on the petty stuff. With all the talk of the impending election it's easy for Christians to become wrapped up in the flurry of political talk radio, voter registration initiatives, and campaign events out of a desire to keep the really bad people out of leadership. The truth is that un-saved Republicans in the White House are just as bad as un-saved Democrats, and we need to understand that true change starts with the change Jesus makes in an individual heart when that person gets saved. While I believe Christians need to be pro-active in the community, politics, and leadership; I think we must always remember that souls need to be saved and that is the real reason we are here. Soul-winning should be our number one priority as that is where true change will begin.


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Bob The Baptist said...

I just stumbled upon this blog randomly. I concur! The change starts with the individual. JESUS didn't confront Rome, He confronted the Romans. Continue seeking the LORD, brother.

PS, in regard to soul winning, check out my blog I wrote on the topic:

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