Monday, January 13, 2014

Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Sonoma County

New Hope Baptist Church of Sonoma County
If you're looking for an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Sonoma County, consider New Hope Baptist Church in Santa Rosa.  New Hope Baptist Church is an excellent family-friendly church, and takes an old-fashioned approach to preaching God's Word.  While many local churches have trended toward modern, contemporary worship services, short shallow sermons, and seeker friendly messages, New Hope Baptist Church is focused on creating an environment where God is honored and the Bible is preached with conviction. 

Some things that make New Hope Baptist Church special:

Our Pastor: 
Dr. Arthur Maricle, Pastor at New Hope Baptist Church of Sonoma County
Dr. Arthur Maricle loves the Lord and loves people, and recognizes that people want and NEED to hear the truth.  Just as a doctor who won't give you the bad news about a medical condition can't help you regain your health, a pastor who is afraid to preach the truth of God's Word can never help people gain spiritual health and a closer walk with God.

Dr. Maricle is extremely friendly and welcoming of visitors, and does an excellent job of teaching and preaching the scriptures in such a way that everyone is spiritually fed from the Word of God.

New Hope Baptist Church believes strongly that the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20 still applies to Christians today.  Jesus instructed the disciples to share the good news of the Gospel with the world, and we still follow his prompting on a regular basis both personally and as a regular church activity.

Hymns of the Faith: 
At New Hope Baptist Church you won't find electric guitars, drums, or a rock band leading the worship service. While the song services are encouraging and exciting, the great hymns of the faith and the truths they contain are still treasured and will never be contaminated by rock music.

Authorized King James Bible:  New Hope Baptist Church believes the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, as they are preserved in the Authorized King James Version, to be the inspired Word of God.  Read more here:

Spanish Ministry:  At New Hope Baptist Church there is a thriving Spanish Ministry which holds a simultaneous service in "la lengua de Cielo" as they call it.  The Spanish Pastor, David Aguilar, does a fantastic job of ministering to the Spanish speaking community.

Sunday School Classes for all Ages: New Hope Baptist Church has an excellent Teen ministry, a Children's Church, a "Great Commission Kids" class for learning about missionaries, a Creation Science Investigation class, a Beginners class for 4-6 year olds, Tiny Tots for toddlers, and a clean, organized nursery. 

If you're in Sonoma County and looking for an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church that emphasizes the preaching of God's Word, try visiting New Hope Baptist Church. 


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