Monday, October 1, 2012

Happiness vs Joy

This week at family camp Pastor preached a message about the difference between happiness and joy.  He pointed out that happiness comes from satisfying our flesh in the short term, while joy comes from often denying our flesh in the long term.  Happiness will leave you poorer, but joy will leave you richer.  While you seek joy, you will often experience happiness in the process.  It was such a great reminder that the things we often allow ourselves to indulge in for momentary happiness are actually detrimental to our finding joy.  We need to discipline ourselves to have lives filled with joy.  Then we'll be truly happy.

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Yellow said...

I'm not convinced that happiness leaves you poorer...I can see how where you seek your happiness or joy is important...but is it not a false dichotomy to split joy and happiness.

You know the word translated blessed in the beatitudes could also be translated happy!

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