Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This Friday the 14th, join us in Rohnert Park for an evening of Baseball and Barbecued ballpark franks!

The regular baseball season is winding down, but the race for the pennant is heating up!  The teams that are sniffing victory are playing hard, so we will too.  

Meet us at 6:00 pm Friday night at the "D" Park on Dana Court in Rohnert Park.  There's no cost, but we may ask you to bring a food item to compliment the hotdogs.  Also, if you have a glove or bat bring that too!  We'll play some ball, eat some dogs, have a devotion, and wrap things up around 8:30.  Here's the official "Baseball and Barbecue" flyer.  See you at the yard!

Hot Dog

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